Amazon Will Cut Whole Foods’ Prices, Immediately

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So now we know what amzn had in mind when it said in June it was buying Whole Foods Market in a $13.7 billion deal.

The online retailer, whose purchase of Whole Foods will close on Monday, said in a press release on Thursday that it would immediately cut prices on a selection of best-selling basic items, with more to follow, and down the line will make Amazon Prime the loyalty program for Whole Foods, offering members special deal and other perks in stores. What’s more, Amazon plans to install Amazon Lockers in a few Whole Foods stores to allow customers to pick up and return Amazon orders at the grocer’s locations. The physical locations should help Amazon speed up its grocery delivery capability.

There is significant work and opportunity ahead, and we’re thrilled to get started, Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, said in a statement.

Some of the items to see the first price cuts include Whole Trade bananas, organic avocados, organic large brown eggs, and kale and other organic food.

The news sent the shares of grocers like Kroger kr , Supervalu svu Sprouts Farmers Market sfm and even Walmart, the largest U.S. grocer, and Target tgt , down on fears of an intensification of the price wars among the food retailers and that fact that Amazon will instantly have 450 new physical locations.

Amazon’s moves should help Whole Foods, long derided as Whole Paycheck for its high prices, to woo customers beyond its upper middle class clientele, as well as counter the discount chains such as Walmart and even Aldi as they vie for more of the organic and natural foods markets. Amazon, which has long had designs on the grocery industry, will also sell Whole Foods’ private-label brands, including 365 Everyday Value and Whole Foods Market, on its site and via the Prime Pantry, Prime Fresh and Prime Now delivery program.

A Piper Jaffray survey last spring found that 365 is customers’ favorite organic-food brand, ahead of premium names like Kellogg’s-owned Kashi and General Mills’ Annie’s. The 365 brand has been unavailable online, and that is about to change. And as Fortune’s Beth Kowitt recently noted, Amazon has tried to develop its own private label in food for years, something this deal finally addresses convincingly.

The company said Whole Foods Market will continue to operate under that brand name and pledged to preserve its high standards and commitment to providing the finest natural and organic foods, and John Mackey will stay on as CEO of Whole Foods, which will remain based in Austin, Texas, where it was founded in 1978.

5 Reasons to Visit Big Sur Right Now

Summerin Big Sur, California, usually means traffic jammed with iPhone-snapping tourists driving absurdly slow down the famed coastal cliffs of Highway 1. But this summer, it’s a different story. A giant mudslide took out a chunk of the highway in May, and heavy winter storms destroyed the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge earlier this year, shutting down access to whole stretches of Big Sur. While a new road is planned for the area, for now this rugged coastal zone remains more than a little tricky to get to-locals have taken to calling the unreachable parts of the coast Big Sur Island.

But here’s the thing: Access to the northern stretch of Big Sur remains open, with parks, trails, and businesses ready and waiting for tourists, and the area has gotten creative with access to the closed zones. The only thing you won’t find in Big Sur? The crowds. It’s beautiful here right now, says Kendra Morgenrath, who works at Big Sur’s Nepenthe Restaurant. It’s not like what it was-there are less people, and those who are here are the ones willing to hike in.

Here are five reasons to go to Big Sur right now.

#1. You Have to Hike In

Hiking in Big Sur (Megan Michelson)

Nepenthe Restaurant (Megan Michelson)

A shuttle service that launched on July 1 picks up travelers at Andrew Molera State Park and brings them to a temporary half-mile hiking path with more than 300 feet of elevation gain that lets you bypass the closed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. The route leads to Nepenthe, a favorite Big Sur lunch spot, with killer views of the coastline. Get the Ambrosia burger with a spicy tomato sauce.

#2. Or You Can Take a Helicopter

If a shuttle is too pedestrian, try a helicopter. (Courtesy Joaquin Sullivan/Big Su)

The recently reopened Post Ranch Inn, a remote spa-like resort with daily yoga and a gourmet breakfast spread, is accessible via the new bypass trail-or you can fly in on a helicopter. In August, the four-star establishment is offering a free helicopter flight from nearby Monterey if you stay three or more nights. If you’d rather hike in, you can still send your luggage in via helicopter if you don’t want to carry your belongings on your back.

#3. You Can Now Cruise the Coast Via Electric Bike

Cruise Big Sur on an electric bicycle. (Courtesy Bryan Palafox/Big Sur A)

A new locally owned e-bike business has popped up in the wake of the road closures. You can now book an e-bike from Big Sur Adventures for a half-day ($75) or a full day ($105). You’ll have to take the shuttle and hike in to reach your e-bike, but once you’re there, you’ll have access to some 40 miles of relatively empty roadway and up-front views of the 80-foot McWay Falls within Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which is open for limited day-use only.

#4. You Can Camp and Hike at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Camping with an oceanfront view. (Megan Michelson)

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park opened on July 1 after nearly 11 months of closure due to wildfires and storms. The campground and several of the park’s trails are now open, including the Liewald Flat Trail, Nature Trail, and Redwood Deck, which means you can hike among massive, ancient redwood trees and walk along the Big Sur River, which flows through the park. Campsites are filling up fast, so book soon if you want to stay overnight. There’s no beach access from here, but there are plenty of good views of the area’s craggy coastal cliffs.

#5. You Can Sleep in a Cottage or Yurt Overlooking the Coast

(Courtesy Treebones Resort)

Sadly, you can’t get a chocolate croissant from the Big Sur Bakery, which is closed while the highway is being repaired. But plenty of other favorite spots along Big Sur’s coastline are open and ready for you. Big Sur Lodge, which you can access easily from the north by driving south from Carmel, has cottages available and is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week long. Treebones Resort, where you can pitch a tent or sleep in a well-appointed yurt, is unreachable via Highway 1 in either direction, but you can access the resort via a windy alternate road from the east. It adds about an hour to your drive time but is keeping the crowds at bay.

Daniel Craig Confirms He Will Play James BondAgain

Rejoice, James Bond fans:Daniel Craig is returning as 007!

The 49-year-old actor confirmed the news while on Tuesday’sThe Late Show, telling Stephen Colbert, Yes, point blank.

I always wanted to, I wanted a break, Craig continued, referring to the iconic character that launched him into stardom.

DC’s Legendary Punk Label Dischord Records Makes Its Entire Music Catalog Free to Stream Online

Image of Fugazi by Brad Sigal, via Flickr Commons

Apart from whatever political nightmare du jour we’re living in, it can be easy to dislike Washington, DC. I say this as someone who grew up outside the city, called it home for many years, and generally found its public face of monuments, tourists, politicos, and waves of lobbyists and bureaucrats pretty alienating. The real DC was elsewhere, in the city’s historic Black neighborhoods, many now heavily gentrified, which hosted legendary jazz clubs and gave birth to the genius of go-go. And even in the privileged, middle class neighborhoods and DMV suburbs. Among the skate punks and disaffected military brats who created the DC punk scene, a seething, furiously productive punk economy centered around Dischord Records.The small label has been as hugely influential in the past few decades as Seattle’s Sub Pop or Long Beach’s SST.

Formed in 1980 by Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye and his bandmate Jeff Nelson, Dischord is 6 years older than Sub Pop and in several ways it inspired a template for the West Coast. Dave Grohl came from the DC Punk scene, as did Black Flag’s Henry Rollins. Rollins and MacKaye were childhood friends and DC natives, and MacKaye went on to form Fugazi, virtually a DC institution for well over a decade.

MacKaye’s brother Alec was a member of Dischord band Faith-one of Kurt Cobain’s admitted influences-and of Ignition with Gray Matter’s Dante Ferrando, who went on, with investments from Dave Grohl, to found the club Black Cat, a central hub of punk and indie rock in DC for 27 years.The more you dig into the musical families of Dischord, the more you see how embedded they are not only in their home city, but in the weft of modern American rock.

Dischord has been celebrated in gallery exhibitions, the hip documentarySalad Days, and the short An Impression: Dischord Records (watch here). Now they’ve released their catalog to stream for free at Bandcamp. The slew of bands featured offers a gallery of nostalgia for a certain brand and vintage of DC native. And it offers a pristine opportunity to get caught up if you don’t know Dischord bands.

Image of Hoover by Dischord Records, via Wikimedia Commons

The common features of its lineup-political urgency, earnestness, melodic experimentation, unpretentiousness-stand out. Dischord bands could be math-y and technical,straight edge, vegan, Buddhist, Hare Krishna, fiercely feminist, anti-capitalist, and anti-war…. These may not sound like the makings of a great party scene, but they made for a committed cadre of hard working musicians and a wide circle of dedicated fans around the country who have kept the label thriving in its way.

What distinguishes Dischord from its more famous peers is the fact that it only releases bands from the DC area. Why? Because this is the city where we live, work, and have the most understanding, they write on their site. Still, given the label’s heightened profile in recent years, it’s surprising that so much of its music remains unknown outside of a specific audience. Fugazi is the best-known band on the roster, and for all their major critical importance, they have kept a fairly low profile. But this is the spirit of the label, whose founders wanted to make music, not make stars. Bands like Shudder to Think and Jawbox may have eventually moved to bigger labels, but they did their best work with Dischord.

Dag Nasty, Embrace, Government Issue, Make-Up, Q and Not U, Rites of Spring, Soulside, Void, Untouchables, Slant 6, the Nation of Ulysses…. these are bands, if you don’t know them, you should hear, and already have, in some way, through their enormous influence on so many others: not only Nirvana, but also a contingent of derivative emo bands some of us might prefer to forget. Still the label’s history should not be taken as the gospel canon of DC punk.One of the most influential of DC punk bands, Bad Brains, came out of the jazz scene, invented a blistering mashup of punk and reggae, and get credit for creating hardcore and inspiring Rollins, MacKaye, and their friends. But Bad Brains was Banned in DC in 1979, shut out of the clubs. They moved to New York and eventually signed with SST.

Other parts of the scene scorned the clean-living moralism of Dischord, and the label’s sober founders later found themselves alienated by the violent, suburban, teenage machismo they now saw at their shows, writes Jillian Mapes at Flavorwire.Dischord became known for championing causes on the left, a legacy that is inseparable from its legend. Not everyone loved their politics, as you might imagine in a city with as many conservative activists and political aspirants as DC. Great political punk bands-like Priests-still exist in DC, writes Mapes-and Dischord continues to release great records-but the ’80s scene retains its place in history as the pinnacle of political American hardcore music. And Dischord remains a sometimes unacknowledged legislator of American punk rock in the ’80s and ’90s. Stream their whole catalog at Bandcamp. You can also download tracks for a fee.

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